Shore-based activities

Set off on an adventure in complete safety!

Developed in partnership with sea rescuers, DIAL is also aimed at all those who practice outdoor activities. Whatever the terrain of your outdoor excursions - sea, mountain, forest... - DIAL is your safety partner!

Waterproof to 20m, robust and accessorizable, the DIAL beacon can be worn on the wrist thanks to the bracelet designed by Philippe Starck or can simply slip into a pocket or backpack.

In case of difficulty, a 3-second pressure on the beacon allows you to transmit a geolocalised alert to your family and friends who will be able, thanks to the dedicated application, to transmit it in a few clicks to the dedicated emergency services.

How DIAL works for onshore outdoor activities

1. The practitioner equips himself with DIAL and his mobile phone. Before leaving for his activity, he informs one to three trusted persons who will be his referents.
2. In case of difficulty, the alert is triggered:

- either by the DIAL wearer by pressing the bracelet for 3 seconds, or
- or automatically in the event of immobility of more than 3 minutes of the practitioner's immobility

3. Referrals are alerted. To remove the doubt, the first available referent contacts the practitioner to ascertain his situation.
4. If the practitioner does not answer or confirms the alert situation :

the referent concerned can directly contact, from the "DIAL by SNSM" application, the emergency services (connected to N°112 = European emergency number) and transmit the GPS position of the practitioner indicated in the application.

Thanks to DIAL, leave with a free spirit and reassure your loved ones during your outings!

Find out how DIAL works 

Coming soon with DIAL :

The tele-assistance service

In order to offer you a complete service, we are currently working on setting up a remote assistance service. A team of professional operators will thus be able to manage your alerts and resolve any doubts you may have. These professionals will also be in charge of mobilising the necessary assistance according to your situation. 

Why choose DIAL for your outdoor sports?

Sharing your GPS location

Position is raised every 5 to 20 minutes depending on the settings in the application. Tracking your location on the "DIAL by SNSM" application. Can be used in 32 countries in Europe and French overseas departments depending on the mobile coverage. DIAL works with a SIM card included in the beacon.

Alert button

Quick and easy, a 3-second press alerts your family and friends and lets them know your location.

Prolonged immobility

Alert triggered automatically after 3 minutes of total absence of movement. This feature allows to send an alert in case of loss of consciousness following a fall, a shock or a malaise.

A "rescue information" area

Fill in the information about your activity such as the place of practice, estimated time of arrival, your outfit and all the information to facilitate the care by the rescue services in the "DIAL by SNSM" application.

Waterproof up to 20 m for 4 hours

IPX6 (Protected against strong jets of water from all directions at the lance) and IPX8 (Waterproof to 20 m for 4 hours).

Designed for outdoor activities

Comfortable and highly resistant silicone bracelet designed by Philippe Starck. Reinforced fastening system with two collar buttons and a loop.

DIAL, a stand-alone safety tool

DIAL autonomously shares your location information without mobilizing your smartphone.

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The technical characteristics

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