Network coverage

The maps presented below allow you to visualize
- simulated onshore network coverage
- the recording of the anonymised positions of the DIAL beacons at sea

Simulated coverage map of the land-based mobile network

This map was obtained from data published by ARCEP under open licence. It combines the simulated coverage of the GSM and GPRS networks of the four French operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free) which are used by DIAL beacons to transmit their data. The area displayed in blue represents the areas covered by the different operators and networks.


"Coverage information is provided for information purposes only and has no contractual value. Coverage areas are simulated by computer, so some inaccuracies may exist.


In addition, coverage may vary over time due to many factors: the season, weather conditions, number of users, the appearance of an obstacle...


The reliability of the maps is regularly checked by the Arcep during field measurement campaigns. However, differences may exist due to the specific parameters used by each operator in their modelling, thus limiting the comparability of the maps". (monreseaumobile)

Anonymized DIAL beacon position reports

This map displays the GPS positions at sea that were sent by the DIAL beacons during their operation. It therefore shows where the DIAL beacons actually transmitted their data.