The technical characteristics


The GPS beacon and its bracelet

The beacon has several features to meet the needs of water sports enthusiasts (windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle, coastal sailing, swimming...):

WARNING: to operate, the beacon must be OUTSIDE OF THE WATER. Underwater, no communication with land is possible. 

GPS position transmission

thanks to the multi-operator SIM card included in the beacon, which can be used in 32 countries in Europe and the French overseas departments. More precisely, to operate the beacon must be in an area covered by the mobile internet or GSM network. DIAL transmits its encrypted data over the Internet. mobile (GPRS) but if this network is not available DIAL then transmits its data by SMS via GSM networks.
> The SIM card works with an annual subscription for unlimited use (the first year is included with the purchase of the device).
> The holder can choose to share his position with his referrers out of alert mode or only in the event of an alert.
> The wearer can set the frequency of GPS ascents (5 to 20 minutes).

Sending geolocalized alerts

an alert with the position of the beacon is transmitted to the smartphones of the referrers when
> the wearer presses the bracelet for 3 seconds, > the wearer remains motionless on the ground (total absence of movement) for 3 minutes,

> when the beacon sends a position outside the user-defined perimeter.

Autonomy of 4 days maximum

> 4 days maximum with a GPS data feed every 20 minutes

, > 2 days max with a GPS data feed every 5 minutes,
> 6 hours max (in alert mode) with a minimum GPS data ascent every 15 seconds. 

Waterproof up to 20 m for 4 hours

IPX6 (Protected against strong jets of water from all directions at the lance) and IPX8 (Waterproof to 20 m for 4 hours). However, DIAL is not suitable for scuba diving or other underwater activities. Underwater, no communication with land is possible. 

Vibrations to indicate the status of the beacon

A vibrating motor inserted in the beacon lets you know whether the beacon is on, off or in alert mode.

The "DIAL BY SNSM" mobile app.

A unique application that allows your loved ones to keep in touch and be reassured during your outings. Once the tag is associated with the application, you can :

Consult the carrier's position

The position is refreshed according to the selected parameters (5 to 20 min

). The path history of the last 10 positions is available. The consultation of the position of the DIAL beacon carrier requires that : > the beacon is in an area covered by a GSM / GPRS network of the subscribed subscription and can receive GPS signals, > the bearer has given his consent for the referents to obtain the position of the beacon in the absence of an alert,
> that the referrer is in an area covered by his 3G/4G subscription with activated mobile data or WIFI and has his DIAL application installed and configured with the beacon(s) of the carrier(s) he is referring to.

N.B: The position can be obtained by the owner or referrer using the procedure indicated after clicking on "IMMEDIATE POSITION BY SMS". This functionality is particularly proposed when the referrer's phone is not connected to the Internet, which he is informed of on the DIAL application's home screen.

Choose the referents

Up to three referents can follow a tag simultaneously.

Mobilizing rescue

Emergency numbers available via the application: 196 and 112, automatic transmission of the position of the beacon by email to CROSS when calling 196 from the mobile application "DIAL by SNSM" provided that the referrer is in an area where his phone has access to a wifi or 3G/4G network.

Manage multiple tags

A referrer can follow several tags.

Control Area

Issuance of an alert when the beacon transmits a position outside the perimeter predefined in the mobile application by the user.

Prolonged immobility (effective only on land)

If there is no movement of the beacon for 3 minutes, it sends an alert to the referents.

From Android 4.1 and iOS 9 onwards

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The APP Quick Start Guide Version 4.0

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